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Do you want to work remotely from Romania? Now it’s easier to do so.

In the current global context, work from anywhere has become a viable option for employees and many states have taken up legislative measures to facilitate their accommodation. Starting 17 January 2022, the Romanian legislation on the regime of foreigners has been amended. Law no. 22/2022 makes it now easier for foreign digital nomads to work remotely from Romania, by granting them the right to obtain long stay visa.

The notion of digital nomad is defined as a foreigner (a) employed by a company registered outside of Romania or (b) who owns a company registered outside of Romania, provided that his/her activity as an employee or the activity within such company can be performed remotely.

In both cases the foreigner shall perform the services through the use of information and communication technology.

The long stay visa can be granted to digital nomads who want to travel and stay in Romania while continuing to earn income from their activity performed under an individual employment agreement concluded with a company registered outside of Romania or from the activities carried out through a company not registered in Romania, under the following conditions:

  • They have means of subsistence derived from their activity amounting to at least three times the average gross monthly income in Romania (RON 6,095 – approx. EUR 1,220) for each of the last six months preceding the date of submission of the visa application, as well as for the entire period of the visa;
  • The activities generating such income are performed remotely by using the information and communication technology.

In order to obtain such visa, the digital nomads shall obtain and submit to the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices from their country of domicile/residence a couple of documents listed at art. 49 para. (2)1 of the Emergency Government Ordinance no.  194/2002 on the regime of foreigners.

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