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Debt Sanitizer is a package of measures that can keep you away from the risks of your own insolvency or the insolvency of your contractual partners.

No matter how post-pandemic scenarios may sound for your business, we assure you that together we can find a solution to save it.

To find a quick solution, we must consider the contractual and financial discipline, meaning you have to assure that your debtors pay and they pay on time.

To help you limit the negative impact on your business, we have developed a new product specially prepared for these situations– Debt Sanitizer 🧴 – a product created out of care for your business that  involves:

  • 🚑 verifying existing contracts;
  • 🔬 identifying guarantees;
  • 🧪 establishing a strategy to follow in the case of contractual relationships with a major risk for debt recovery / contract renegotiation / debt rescheduling / debt insurance.

We know that you care a lot about your clients and contractual partners, so we created Debt Sanitizer 🧴  to help you evaluate the state of contractual relationships and find the best solution to:

  • minimize the risks associated with insolvency proceedings that may be opened either against your business or against your partners, and, as far as possible
  • successfully recover receivables or parts thereof that are due, not only in the insolvency proceedings of the debtor but also through amicable solutions negotiated with your partners in difficulty.

ACT before you need to reACT. Send us for analysis the contracts that you are worried about and let us develop the best strategy to follow.

Talk to us about how you can keep your business healthy and let us protect your business!