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Our Simple Contracting product helps your business work better with contract documentation.

Why do you need it ?


  • no one wants to read 20 pages of that
  • most contracts are written by lawyers for other lawyers to read
  • cluttered dry contract clauses make it difficult to identify key business terms
  • heavy legal jargon projects a rigid relationship between parties


Simple Contracting

  • with clause wording design, we reengineer the wording of clauses to reflect the essence in the simplest and most straightforward manner possible.
  • with layout design, we apply UX design principles to make contracts easy to read and to work with.

Designed contracts help deals close faster

  • it’s easier to implement changes to a designed contract
  • business operations run smoother with designed contracts
  • it enriches the relationship with consumers
  • clearly stated terms to consumers are less prone to be considered abusive