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It surely happened to you, too – you were caught between meetings, in a hurry, but you got that really important e-mail you were waiting for. Thus, you had to stop and read it. You read it all and now you’re late, but happy you have the awaited information. Sometimes, we all wish we could read between the lines but still fully get those essential details.

act | Botezatu Estrade Partners comes up with the solution – TCplay gives you the essence of the information that you need, compressed in a voice note attached to the e-mail sent to you. A pill concentrating the main ideas in no more than 1 minute of pragmatic, sharp and clear-cut audio content that provides you with the conclusions and just 2-3 notable reasons that led to it. With the essence of the e-mail/document already in mind, the text can be fully read later on.

In other words, you can now press (TC)play at any time of the day, whether it’s on the road, at the airport or during a break, and listen to the main points of the update you were waiting for, without having to interrupt what you were doing. The selection of the most important topics has already been made by act | Botezatu Estrade Partners!

For further information about TCplay, we are, as always, just one click away!