act | Botezatu Estrade Partners launched a new innovative legal product: Forward Thinking Podcast, an audio pill (around 10 minutes) tackling the hottest legal topics of the moment. We aim at continuously providing you with the easiest way of staying informed and updated on new regulations or legal topics that may impact your business during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. With a nuts and bolts approach and an envisaged roster of guests comprising reputed fellow lawyers, clients, delegates of state authorities and young entrepreneurs, the Forward Thinking Podcast series represents a step forward to the digitalization of the legal arena and the boundaries’ exceedance of the traditional legal advice. The discussions will be primarily held in Romanian, as English language will be used further on, when benefiting of the presence of foreign guests.

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Join our discussions and stay on top of the legal game! We are forward thinkers, thus, we ACT distinctly different!