act Botezatu Estrade Romania assisted OncoChain in securing a EUR 380,000 seed in-vestment round

The seed financing round which raised EUR 380,000 was led by Cleverage Venture Capital and also included an equity crowdfunding round on Seedblink platform, as well as two angel investors from Growceanu network.

OncoChain was founded in 2019 by two oncology specialists from Timisoara, Mădălin-Marius Margan and Roxana Margan, together with a team of experienced software engineers and business consultants, quickly becoming one of the most successful med-tech startups in Romania. The company is developing a real-world data platform in oncology, which aims at standardizing, collecting and aggregating anonymized data from patients who suffer from cancer, thus creating the possibility to generate useful analytics that can support business decisions, orientate research for pharma companies and deliver value-based care for healthcare providers.

act Botezatu Estrade Partners assisted OncoChain in drafting and negotiating the investment documents, as well as in finalizing the specific corporate endeavors in the Netherlands, where OncoChain is incorporated. The law firm has strong experience in assisting start-ups clearly define their legal and regulatory shape from the get-go, in order to enable and streamline funding and financing operations. The team of lawyers was coordinated by Managing Partner Stefan Botezatu, lawyer with a legal career spanning more than 21 years and Managing Associate Andrei Hancu, tech-savvy lawyer specializing in equity crowdfunding matters.

act Botezatu Estrade Partners is the Romanian office of act legal, a strong alliance with 400 attorneys in 10 offices located in the most important markets in continental Europe.


  • Over his legal career spanning more than 22 years, Stefan Botezatu has provided legal assistance on Energy law, Competition law, Tech and Digital and Dispute Resolution matters to high-profile clients active in various business sectors in Europe, US and Asia.

  • Tech-savvy lawyer involved in significant M&A transactions • Advisor to various start-ups in relation to equity crowdfunding and generally, financing aspects. • Data Protection & IP knowledgeable