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ESG Services at act legal Romania

At act legal Romania, our dedicated team of lawyers recognizes the importance of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) in today’s corporate world. With us, legal knowledge meets a genuine commitment to a sustainable, responsible, and ethically sound future.

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Services in a nutshell:

In an era where businesses are increasingly assessed not only by their financial performance but also by their impact on the planet, society, and governance structures, our ESG practice stands at the forefront of providing comprehensive legal solutions.

Our multidisciplinary team, passionate about ESG matters, brings a deep understanding of environmental regulations, social responsibility duties, and corporate governance frameworks.

We are committed to helping our clients navigate the rapidly evolving regulations, foster responsible business practices, and drive positive change.


  • We assisted on tailored contractual solutions to implement smart home and IoT programs that monitor and reduce energy consumption, thus bringing an important contribution towards a sustainable and cost-effective solution for a greener future.
  • We assist our clients on environmental permits and matters, as well as in renewable energy projects.
  • We assisted in e-mobility such as the NEXT-E project, a unique cooperation of four leading companies from the electricity and oil & gas sectors joining forces with OEMs (car manufacturers) to create interoperable and non-discriminatory EV charging network, as a viable alternative to the combustion engine vehicles, as well as in the process of joining the largest eRoaming network for borderless electric mobility.


  • Occupational health and safety represent a priority for our clients, which we helped navigate the complex regulations in this filed, ensuring they establish practices that protect their workforce, limit liabilities, and comply with all current laws and regulations.
  • In addition, we provide advice on the fight against workplace discrimination, offering strategic guidance on implementing and enforcing anti-discrimination measures within the internal regulation of the companies. We advise on flexible working arrangements, as well as measures for the implementation of EU social policies such as the Work-Life Balance Directive and the Equal Pay Directive.
  • We are also assisting NGOs with a wide range of matters from registering, obtaining the necessary permits, preparing contractual documentation for the provision of social services, preparation of charitable auctions and fairs.
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  • We assist our clients on a wide range of corporate governance matters, including directors’ duties and liabilities, business ethics, as well as internal procedures and implementation measures on AML, whistleblowing, anti-bribery.
  • We also assist our clients in analyzing and adapting codes of conduct through the lens of ESG, as well as in line with the practicalities of each file. By taking this multi-perspective approach, we ensure that the client’s own codes of conduct and their counterparties’ codes of conduct not only comply with legal requirements, but also align with their values and lead to a more sustainable future.