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Government Emergency Ordinance No. 99/2020

Purpose: Establishment of fiscal measures, modification of some normative acts and extension of some terms.

Main measures:

  • the tax specific to certain activities, according to Law no. 170/2016 on the specific tax of certain activities, for the year 2020, is not owed for a period of 90 days calculated from the date of the GEO’s entry into force;
  • a 10%  income tax bonus calculated on the tax due quarterly / quarterly advance payment for taxpayers for payments until the due dates, 25 July 2020, for the second quarter and 25 October 2020, for the third quarter;
  • the term provided in art. VII para. (4) of the GEO no. 29/2020 and the term provided in art. XIII alin. (1) of the GEO no. 48/2020 are extended until 25 October 2020.