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Government Emergency Ordinance no. 29

Purpose: Economic and fiscal budgetary measures to mitigate the negative impact on economy.

Main measures:

  1. Economic measures in order to protect SMEs
  • state guaranteed loans and subsidized interests;
  • deferred payment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) for utilities and rent, if (i) business is interrupted due to state of emergency, and (ii) emergency situation certificate available;
  • force majeure may be claimed in ongoing agreements if parties have first tried to renegotiate;
  • authorities’ enforcement of emergency measures affecting the SMEs’ business and are ascertained by an emergency situations certificate, are presumed as force majeure.
  1. Other economic measures

Deferred payment for the utility service and rents for family doctors’ offices and dental offices (maximum 20 employees) and sports clubs.

  1. Tax measures applicable to all categories of persons:
  • Suspension/non-commencement of enforced measures for budgetary debts;
  • not accruing of interest and late payment penalties for the due tax obligations starting with 21 March 2020;
  • extension of the payment term for property tax;
  • extension of deadlines for submitting the declaration regarding the real beneficiary.