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Picture of Angela Cristea

Angela Cristea


Mobile: +0741 335 899
Direct line: +40 21 260 78 55

Angela Cristea stands out as a dedicated legal professional, with a rich background in business modeling, corporate structuring and day-to-day assistance of local and foreign clients in niche industries such as online marketplaces, online retail, app-based businesses, trading platforms, fintech companies, web chat and peer to peer calling. Over the years, she has actively contributed to significant M&A projects in various phases of a company’s life from set-up and funding, to shareholder exits, mergers or full buy-outs, showcasing her coordination skills and substantial contributions to complex deals within the corporate landscape.

Going beyond the traditional scope of corporate matters, Angela brings her expertise to spin-off processes, joint ventures, seed funding rounds and provides invaluable legal guidance to Romanian entities involved in food-delivery, telemedicine and truck and car fleet industries.

Her diverse experience speaks about her versatility and ability to navigate a broad spectrum of corporate transactions. Angela truly shines as a trusted advisor, addressing the needs of clients pioneering new businesses in uncharted industries.