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The Firm advises on:

  • Investigation procedure and dawn raid assistance
  • Merger control procedure
  • Commitments procedure
  • Competition compliance programs
  • Unfair competition
  • State aid
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Selected Team Credentials:

  • Assisting a major retailer in relation with an investigation concerning alleged price fixing in the promotional sales, including dawn raid assistance, representation before the Romanian Competition Council Plenary during oral hearings and after the issuing of the Romanian Competition Council’s decision, assistance and representation before the national courts;
  • Assisting a major energy distribution company during a dawn raid and the follow-up investigation for abuse of dominance in the ancillary services to the distribution system;
  • Assisting and representing with drafting and submitting to the Romanian Competition Council of the merger clearance regarding the acquisition of the sole control in a joint venture company in gas revisions and verifications sector;
  • Assisting an important pension fund during an investigation started by the Romanian Competition Council and in the litigation phase following the finalization of the investigation related to alleged price fixing;
  • Assisting an important company in the payment processing sector regarding the setting of the level of the interchange fees;
  • Advising a major Romanian telecommunications operator in relation to a claim filed against the Romanian Competition Council in order to cancel one of the most significant fines ever imposed by the competition authority;
  • Assisting a voucher-issuing company during an investigation commenced by the Competition Council for alleged price fixing (issuing fees) and in connection to court proceedings related thereto;
  • Assisting a major energy distribution company in relation to a dawn raid and several investigations opened by the Competition Council in the energy sector;
  • Assisting and representing a gas and electricity supply company in relation to drafting comments to the commitments of the Romanian national gas Transport System Operator concerning natural gas exports from Romania;
  • Assisting and representing in relation to an information request by the European Commission regarding the position of a major german energy company on the electricity and energy products retail market in Romania.