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Order No. 721/2020 Of The Competition Council

Purpose: Implementation of the Regulation on amending and supplementing the Regulation on the conduct of hearings and the adoption of decisions within the Competition Council, implemented by the Order of the President of the Competition Council no. 509/2015

Main measures:

  • The regulation makes changes to the procedure for videoconferencing hearings.
  • During the state of emergency or alert or if it is necessary to ensure social distance or in other situations, the President of the Competition Council may order the organization of hearings by videoconference.
  • The hearings will be organized by videoconference as follows:
  1. if the investigated parties have the technical means necessary to make the electronic connection, they shall ensure the connection in order to be in permanent contact with the competition authority. If the parties ensure their own connection, they shall bear the risks related to the means used to connect to the competition authority’s platform, including but not limited to interrupting the electronic connection or unauthorized access to it, without subsequently being able to invoke these issues against the competition authority;
  2. if the investigated parties do not have the necessary technical means to make the electronic connection, their access by videoconference will be made with the equipment of the Competition Council, for which purpose it will provide a room.
  • Plenary members may attend the hearings via the videoconferencing system.
  • Undertakings, their representatives and other participants undertake not to make parallel recordings of the meeting before the start of the hearings.
  • When the hearing takes place by videoconference, the parties have an obligation to ensure that other unauthorized third parties are not allowed to access the hearing, including by providing the data for connection to the videoconference or by other means. Each company will send the list of persons authorized to attend the hearing on its behalf, as well as their identification data.