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National Emergency Situation Committee Decision No. 24

Purpose: Establishment of the national state of alert and the measures for the prevention and control of infections, in the context of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Main measures:

  • Economic operators and public institution cannot allow access to persons whose body temperature, measured at the entrance of the premises, exceeds 3 ° C;
  • Obligation to wear protection masks inside public indoor spaces, public means of transport and at the workplaces;
  • Prolongation of the temporary closure of certain border crossing points;
  • Prolongation of the suspension of certain flights;
  • Prolongation of suspension of the activity of malls and restaurants;
  • Permission to reopen dental offices, personal care salons and museums;
  • Obligation for economic operators to keep organizing their activity in a work from home system and if that is not possible to assure all necessary means of infection prevention (epidemiologic triage, disinfection, rescheduling of employee shifts).

Enforceability: The decision is enforceable until 17 May 2020 when the Law No. 55/2020 comes in force.