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Military Ordinance no. 9

Focus: amendments to Military Ordinance no. 3 and Military Ordinance no. 8, along with new measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Main measures:

  • amendments of the requirements for agri-food market to remain open, as previously provided under Military Ordinance no. 8, including removal of the previous condition for the agricultural producers to hold a certificate in this regard; agri-food market administrators must adopt safety measure against spreading of COVID-19, including at least wearing safety masks and gloves and maintaining the social distance at entrance into the market, as well as inside it;
  • end of the measures provided under Military Ordinance no. 8 with respect to the (i) prohibition and suspension of the export for certain agri-food products (such as wheat, rice, oat) during the state of emergency, (ii) intra-Community acquisition of the products (such as wheat, rice, oat) only for the inland consumption of member states, or for the Community and not for export.