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Military Ordinance no. 3

Purpose: additional prohibitions and restrictions imposed by the authorities for preventing the spread of COVID-19 among the population.

Main measures:

  • movement of people outside their home is prohibited, except for justified cases provided under the military ordinance; justification documents needed;
  • additional restrictions provided for elderly people over 65 years of age: movement outside their home possible only (i) within a time interval (11:00 – 13:00) and (ii) for specific reasons justifying such movement; some exemptions are provided (e.g. movement for professional interest or for agricultural activities, with no time interval restrictions interval in such cases);
  • additional measures must be applied by public institutions and economic operators, which are required to mark the areas designated for the public / clients’ access within their respective spaces, as well as the customer-care and the sales’ area with visible indicators to guide the people to observe the minimal safety distance of 1.5 meters;
  • stricter safety measures have also been adopted for the agri-food market administrators, which must organise the sale activity so that social distancing is maintained between agricultural producers, merchants and purchasers. Agricultural producers and merchants are also obliged to wear safety masks and gloves;
  • exemption from the temporary suspension of commercial activities conducted within shopping centers for the (i) sale of electronic / electric household products by the economic operators which ensure home delivery / delivery at the headquarters of purchaser, and (ii) sale of medical optics products and services.