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Government Emergency Ordinance no. 28

Main measures:

Purpose: The Criminal Code was amended (modifications to articles 326 and 352 and a new article 352).

Main measures:

1.  New incriminations for:

  • giving a false statement to a public servant, in order to conceal the existence of a risk of infection with a contagious disease;
  • hampering the disease control through the failure to comply with quarantine or hospitalization measures;
  • the transmission, by any means, of an infectious contagious disease by a person who is aware that he suffers from this disease;
  • the omission of the person to disclose essential information regarding the possibility of contacting an infected person with an infectious disease.

2. Penalty limits increased for:

  • false statements offence;
  • voluntary and involuntary hampering the disease control if the act resulted in the spread of such a disease.