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Government Decision No. 476/2020

Purpose: Extension of the state of alert by 30 days starting with 17 June 2020.

Main Measures:

  1. To increase responsiveness
  • operational coordination of public ambulance services, voluntary emergency services and local police;
  1. To ensure the resilience of communities
  • the obligation to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, commercial spaces, at the workplace and in public means of transport is maintained.
  1. To reduce the impact of the type of risk:
  • Prohibition of organizing and holding meetings, and other types of gatherings in open spaces, as well as gatherings of a cultural, scientific, artistic, sporting or entertainment nature;
  • Allowing the activity of museum institutions, libraries, bookstores, film and audio-visual production studios, as well as outdoor cultural events to be carried out in certain conditions (g. the obligation to wear a mask, the limitation of the visit to a time interval of 2 hours in the museum or art gallery, the obligation to comply with the social distancing measures.);
  • Allowing the organization and performance of drive-in shows only if the occupants of a vehicle are members of the same family;
  • Allowing the organization and outdoor performance for shows, concerts, public and private festivals, or other cultural events with the participation of at most 500 seated spectators, at least 2 meters away from each other and wearing masks;
  • Allowing the activity of religious cults to take place inside and/or outside the worship places only in compliance with the established rules of health protection;
  • Prohibition of the movement of persons in pedestrian groups larger than 6 persons who do not belong to the same family;
  • Prolongation of suspension of the consumption of food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in common dining areas of restaurants, hotels, motels, boarding houses, cafes, or other public places;
  • Prolongation of the suspension of certain flights.