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Government Decision 668/2020

Purpose: Extension of the state of alert by 30 days starting with 16 June 2020

Main measures:

  1. To increase responsiveness
  • operational coordination of public ambulance services, voluntary emergency services and local police;
  1. To ensure the resilience of communities
  • the obligation to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, commercial spaces, at the workplace and in public means of transport is maintained,
  • the obligation to wear masks in open public spaces, such as markets, fairs, waiting areas (bus stations, platforms and the like), boardwalks, areas where public celebrations or pilgrimages take place, outside tourist attractions, in certain time slots, established by decision of the county committee for emergency situations is maintained;
  • economic operators operating in the spaces such as terraces, clubs, bars have the obligation to respect the working hours and the restrictions established by decision of the National Committee for Emergency Situations
  1. To reduce the impact of the type of risk:
  • prolongation of prohibition of organizing and holding meetings, and other types of gatherings in open spaces, as well as gatherings of a cultural, scientific, artistic, sporting or entertainment nature,
  • prolongation of suspension of the consumption of food and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in common dining areas of restaurants, hotels, motels, boarding houses, cafes, or other public places;
  • prolongation of suspension of flights performed by aviation economic operators to countries not subject to the quarantine / isolation exception established by the National Institute of Public Health and approved by the National Committee for Emergency Situations and from these countries to Romania for all airports in Romania.