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Announced commencement of a state of alert – not yet officially instituted

As per the draft law filed by the Government with the Parliament on 11 May 2020, the following main measures might be applied during the state of alert as regards retail activities:

  1. during the state of alert, en detail sale of products and services conducted within the shopping centers may be suspended, except for the following activities which are allowed:
  • sale of electronic / electric household products by the economic operators which ensure home delivery / delivery at the headquarters of purchaser;
  • the activity carried out by the economic operators from the shopping centers having direct access from the outside, without any contact with the rest of the complex and
  • the activity of agri-food stores, pharmacies, medical offices, clothes cleaners and personal care centers  and sale of medical optics products and services.
  1. the state of alert measures might also include temporary suspension of food or beverage serving and consumption within restaurants, hotels, cafes or other public places, whilst “drive-in”, “room-service”, delivery services or take-away are allowed.