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Banner image about FRAUD SUMMIT, an event taking place on 27 May 2021

How familiar are you with the fraudulent phenomenon? How well do you understand corporate fraud, respectively the risks of fraud in the business environment? Perhaps most importantly, how well does your business manage the risk of fraud and how solid are the preventive measures that keep your company safe from fraud?

Nearly half of the companies are affected by fraud worldwide, according to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2020. This specialized study on fraud, namely its identification and combating, warns that 47% of companies face fraud – it is the second highest level of fraud in the last two decades.

The existence of the fraud pandemic can no longer be denied and is far too little addressed and discussed in and by the Romanian business environment. Regardless of the industry, fraud can have the most serious consequences for a company: direct or indirect financial losses – fines, operating costs, lawsuits, reputational damage, decreased employee comfort and productivity or even drop of turnover, market share, value per customer or future development opportunities.

Fortunately, the solutions do exist, and it is time to openly and publicly talk about them. Fraud can be prevented and even identified, proven, controlled and stopped, while the damage, recovered.

May 27th, starting 09:00 (EEST), takes place the first edition of FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA, the largest event in Romania dedicated to the imprint of fraud on the business environment in our country.

Top representatives of industries and companies that managed to control the fraudulent phenomenon, specialists in investigation and prevention services, professionals in identifying and dismantling illicit groups and representatives of authorities and associations, will take the stage of Le Chateau Bucharest.

Alongside Marian Hurducaș, host and moderator of the event, guests will discuss fraud, fraud risk management, anti-fraud processes and methodologies, specific techniques and tools needed, legislative framework, psychological component of the fraudulent phenomenon and crisis communication.

The more we talk about fraud – from prevention to dismantling, from signals to patterns, from how we identify it to how we assess or recover the damage – the closer we are to protecting the company’s and its stakeholders’ interests.

At FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA, we will talk about:

  • ENERGY fraud
  • The legal implications of fraud
  • CORPORATE fraud
  • Fraud: context, consequences, solutions
  • Crisis communication in the context of fraud
  • INSURANCE fraud


is an event organized by SPIA – Secret Private Investigations Agency, leader of the Romanian new generation of private investigators and supported by act Botezatu Estrade Partners, as Main Partner, respectively & KISS FM , Media Partners.

Events agenda and speakers are available on the FRAUD SUMMIT by SPIA website. Access is free and based on registration, here: .