Cristian Radu


Mobile: +40 753 030 232
Direct line: +40 21 260 78 55

Cristian is Managing Associate in our Litigation and Arbitration practice, with an impressive track record gained in an international environment assisting large multinational companies and investors to resolve disputes through litigation, arbitration or mediation .

He has advised on a broad range of litigation related matters, including supply and distribution of power and natural gas against the regulatory authority, crisis management, white collar crime, fraud investigations, regulatory compliance, regulatory investigation and regulatory challenges, restructuring and insolvency, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration.


  • University of Bucharest – Bachelor of Laws


  • Romanian
  • English


  • Developer of one of the firm’s products, Debt Sanitizer – a package of measures that can keep you away from the risks of your own insolvency or the insolvency of your contractual partners. This product was created out of care for your business and involves: verifying existing contracts; identifying guarantees; and establishing a strategy to follow in the case of contractual relationships with a major risk for debt recovery / contract renegotiation / debt rescheduling / debt insurance.
  • Author of various articles, available in Romanian language, that can be translated and provided upon request:

Review request. Correlations between GEO no. 80/2013 regarding stamp duties and the Civil Procedure Code”, July 2013

“The writing requirement of a bilateral promise to sell in order to be pronounced a decision with the force of a sell agreement” Curierul Judiciar nr. 2/2015

“Considerations regarding some of the provisions of the Law no. 17/2014”, 8 May 2014

Law no. 85/2006 revives like a Phoenix…”, November 2013

A few considerations regarding the ephemeral existence of the Insolvency Code” , 29 November 2013

What is the positive contribution of the New Civil Code in the business environment” Curierul judiciar, 7 March 2013 /, 6 March 2013

The Impact on civil and administrative disputes currently registered with the courts Posted in: COVID-19 - The state of emergency initially instituted in Romania until 14 April has been extended for an additional 30 days as of 15 April 2020. Additional measures have also been enacted… ...